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 Zimmers Pets Always Has Puppies!

There is nothing like the joy & love that a new puppy brings to a home! We know,  we know, there is also alot of work and patience necessary as well, but the Love & Joy outweigh the work!

Stop by and see the puppies we have available, there are always healthy beautiful puppies waiting for new homes at Zimmers Pets.

We post the puppies we have on our website, but we hope you stop by and say hello and vist our store and maybe spend some time in our "Puppy Lounge".



 Zimmers New Location Features our
"Puppy Lounge"

This is a relaxing living room type area where you can spend some time bonding with your new puppy. The Lounge allows you and your family to be alone - away from all the noise of the puppy room and the rest of the store, so you can focus on starting your relationship with your new puppy.

Large Selection - Great Prices - The Best Service - Knowledgable Staff!